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Ewan Filmer


Ewan has been Coordinator at Capricorn Citizen Advocacy since July 2013.  Before coming to CCA he worked for 25 years in six local governments around Queensland including Rockhampton Regional Council. He has been employed to support prisoners leaving Capricorn Correctional Centre and in roles at CQ University, Rockhampton.

Ewan gains a great deal of great job satisfaction in working alongside the Management Committee recruiting and supporting good matches.  He  loves how Citizen Advocacy is able to help make a real difference in vulnerable people’s lives. 

The Citizen Advocacy model has much evidence that healthy unpaid, freely given relationships can be of crucial importance for vulnerable people, as these relationships act as a check and balance to paid supports from various service providers.  They also assist to combat loneliness for both parties, which is a recognised as world wide epidemic across all social strata in all advanced economies.    

He is involved in the local community as a Life Member of a Special School P&C, member of CQ University’s Rockhampton Regional Engagement Committee and grant writer for Warripari Scout Group in West Rockhampton.

Donna Graham

Administration Officer




Capricorn Citizen Advocacy is funded by the Queensland Department of Seniors, Disability Services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships

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